Whether it is to promote a product,  engage with existing customers, build a database, generate leads, running a contest is a great way to nail your objectives. We use our extensive experience in digital, advertising and events to help you create and run exciting contests.

Shyam Surendran

Founder and CEO, Tadaang

I started my career journey with a Master's in Computer Applications in hand and working for IT firms. My initial role was as a developer, moving my way up as a team leader and then as a project manager. This experience honed my technical skill set encompassing PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, Android, iOS, React.js, Node.js, and Angular. I then ventured into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, where I donned many hats, developing startups. I handled clients from the UK, US and Middle East, from different sectors including education, social networks and tourism.
At Tadaang, I use all the experiences curated over my career span. A focused, solution-driven approach with collaboration and commitment, as I believe these are integral for building a successful brand.

Simi P Nazar

Co-founder, CTO, Tadaang

Connecting Brand
to consumers 

Brands are continuously looking for innovative methods to connect with their present and potential customers. Promoting a brand through games & contests are unique approaches to connecting with its target audience. It helps with the development of relationships with their target audience and the impact of decision-making.



Tadaang helps brands identify their customers by tapping into people's natural need to 'play. We take advantage of social media's potential by advertising the games on social media.


Tadaang is a contest platform where there’s a high engagement channel; between users and brands. We bring in high value for brands in the minds of users.


Tadaang considers technology as the biggest asset for interactivity and spreading brand knowledge to the users. Building interactive games with technology facilitate greater outcomes.