1. What is Tadaang?

Tadaang is a digital platform that uses engaging games and contests to connect businesses with consumers. We help brands identify their customers by tapping into people's natural need to 'play.'

2. How can an online contest help my brand?

A contest helps the brand establish a connection with the customer. The customer will spend more time/engage with the brand to win a prize. During this interaction, a bond can be established with the customer. Contests can help brands convey product details, highlight product USPs and increase brand recall

3. What are the different objectives which Tadaang can accomplish ?

Tadaang offers multiple options depending on the marketing objectives. Tadaang can be used to
  • Increase awareness ( for ex: new features / hidden features/benefits)
  • Drive footfalls (To store locations)
  • Convey product information ( Help customers discover this by going to the brand/product website or marketing literature)
  • Educate the customer

4. Can the platform be used by Government agencies?

Yes, Government agencies can utilize the platform to reach out to consumers and spread awareness about Government programs, procedures, schemes etc.

5. What are the different applications of Tadaang? Where can it be used?

  • Augment existing campaigns
  • Exhibitions and Trade fairs
  • Store launches
  • Mall Activation
  • Engaging existing customers – If you have a database of customers, you could run a contest every month. This will be a good option for supermarkets, D2C brands, E-Commerce platforms etc.

6. Does Tadaang work with ad agencies?

Yes, we are happy to work with ad agencies

For contestants

1. Who all can play the contest?

Anyone who has completed 18 years of age can play the contest regardless of the gender, status of the job etc.

2. Is there any fee to participate in the contest ?

Tadaang is a a free-to-play platform. There is no fee to participate.

3. Is registration a must for participating with the contest?

Yes. Those who wish to participate in the contest have to register first before playing the contest.

4. Is there any restriction on the no of contests a participant can play?

No. There is no any restriction on the no of contests a participant can play. In fact, we encourage you to play as many contests as possible to increase your chance of winning. However, for most contests, you are allowed only one attempt.

5. How long does a contest run?

Normally, contests run for a period of 15 to 30 days.

6. What are the different contests/games on offer?

Matching game, Spin the wheel, Jigsaw puzzle, Quizzes, Find the product, Word match, Snake & Ladder, Maze, Find the next etc. We can also design custom contests depending on the product, target and information to be conveyed.

7. How is a contest winner selected?

The person who solves the puzzle or answers the question correctly or finishes a task the fastest is the winner. However, if there is more than one winner, a lucky draw will be conducted to decide the winner. The lucky draw will be conducted by the promoter of the website and their decision will be final.

8. How are winners informed about the prize?

Winners will be informed about the prize via mail and over the phone. The details of the winner and the prize will also be posted on Facebook & Instagram.

9. How do winners get their prizes?

Prizes are sent across to the winners by Indiapost or courier. In certain cases, the winner (or his representative) may have to collect it from our office physically